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Welcome!Dr. DREAM offers Individual sessions relating to Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and/or Physical issues. Dr. DREAM utilizes a protocol of multiple-modalities including; Talk Therapy, Essential Oils, Rife Frequencies, Sound/Vibration, Flower/Gem Essences, Color Therapy, Crystals, Multi-Dimensional Energy Work. In-person/phone.

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Dr. DREAM assists people in the following areas: * Raising one's Vibrational Frequency * * Health & Well-Being Issues * * Identifying one's Dreams and Life Purpose * * Creating Success in a chosen field * * Goal Setting & Achieving * * Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs * * Achieving Optimum Health / Weight * * Overcoming Addictions (Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, Food...) * * Empowering pre-teens/teenagers to be their Best *

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